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How to create a great logo for your business

A logo is not merely a graphic adornment, it represents the entire philosophy of your business or organization. Millions are spent on getting outstanding logos designed and there is a reason why people make so much fuss while getting their logos designed. Take for instance the Nike logo, it is simple, it is unique, and it is so well known that now you don’t even have to know the name of the company in order to identify with it. A logo can tell a complete story. Carefully look at the Amazon.com logo. Notice that smiley arc under the name. It actually starts from ‘a’ and goes up till ‘z’. It means you can get everything at Amazon.com – from a to z.

A logo also lasts for a very long time. So spend all the time you can afford to spend while getting your logo designed. Here is a list of more than 60 beautifully designed logos and their tutorials.