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How to create a great Twitter profile page

Your Twitter profile page is the URL that links to your userid, something like http://twitter.com/your_twitter_id. In order to get new Twitter followers you are constantly directing people to your Twitter profile page. In fact, these days people are putting their Twitter profile page links even on business cards, brochures and other stationary. For some people their Twitter profile page is so important that they promote this link instead of their business website URL. Of course on websites and blogs Twitter profile page links have become ubiquitous.

Since it’s such an important link people go to extra lengths to make it great. But what makes your Twitter profile page great? The sort of information and layout it has.

Create a compelling bio

The first thing people do after landing on your Twitter profile page is go through your bio. It appears on the top-right corner. Try to pack in as much useful information as possible with the 160-character limit. In more than 80% cases people follow you after reading your bio. Make it very compelling, and let it be known why exactly people should follow you.

Have an attractive Twitter avatar

Although you don’t want followers who follow you just for your Twitter avatar, it’s good idea to have an avatar that precisely reflects your personality. A good idea is your clear mugshot. But then, you can experiment with different images. The basic idea is, showing your true attitude.

Create a killer Twitter profile background image

This is so important that some individuals and companies are offering services to build Twitter profile background images. The image can have a replica of your original website. It can have the information the you cannot pack in the 160-character bio. It can have all sorts of stuff. Just make sure it fits into the general Twitter stream template.

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