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How to create a podcast and publish it on your website or blog

Creating a podcast is not as geeky as it sounds. Although there are some commercial options available it is preferable, at least initially when you are experimenting, that you should be able to produce and publish your podcast free of cost and of course Internet being Internet this option is easily available to you.

To create a podcast first of all you need is software that can record whatever you are saying. Okay before that you need some hardware like a microphone to speaking to but I think that is given. In case you have a laptop the microphone must already be built into it. There are some expensive microphones specifically available for creating podcasts but in the beginning even the regular microphone will do a great job. About the recording software; Audacity is the best choice. It is not only free it is also feature-rich. Once you have installed and started the program you will have to select microphone as the recording medium. Just to test you can record a small speech and save it. In order to publish it as a podcast you will need to convert it into an MP3 files. Audacity doesn’t save MP3 files on its own, for that you need to install an extra piece of software called Lame MP3 encoder. Once you have installed this encoder an option will automatically appear under the file menu that will allow you to export your recorded data into an MP3 file.

Once you have saved the file you will need to upload it onto your own server or some other server from where you can easily link to this MP3 file. Lots of servers these days are providing the service free of cost. With some research on Google you can easily find such services. You can leave the file as it is and include the link on your webpage or your blog post and the default MP3 player of the user will play the file. But this takes the user away from your current link and also doesn’t seem very professional if you plan to podcast on a regular basis. If you use WordPress to publish your website or blog you can use the WordPress plug-in to publish your podcast. Otherwise there are many services that can supply you with an embedded code that you can simply paste into an existing webpage or blog post so that a tiny interface appears on your website that lets people play your podcast there itself. You can also try the podcast generator.

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