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How to create a website, not a blog, with WordPress

WordPress is perhaps the greatest blogging tool ever made, but do you know you can also create and maintain a regular website using WordPress? Yes it is not necessary that you can only create a blog using WordPress. There are many benefits of creating a website using WordPress; first of all it is a great CMS.  On top of that you can create a search engine optimized website.  It doesn’t even have to be a regular website.  You can create a blog and use it as your website.  Since blogs are preferred over normal websites by all the major search engines, for them it is a blog and for your regular visitors it is a website. So how do you create a website using WordPress?

creating-website-using-wordpress The most prominent feature of any blog is that all the recently published posts appear in a chronological order on the first page of the blog. This is something that you have to change first of all. You need to tell WordPress that instead of using the usual homepage that displays recently published blog posts it should publish a static page there.  So create a page using the WordPress interface and save it.  Give it a proper title and put all the information there just like you would like to have it on your homepage.  After you have created and published that page, go to Settings and then click Reading.


In this section, as shown in the picture, click the “A static page” radio button, and from the drop down box you can choose the page you would like to display as your homepage.You can create the sidebar manually if you feel like. The rest of the pages can be created as blog posts and you can customize your theme so that all the blog post links appear in the navigation as you want them.