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How to create an effective About Us page

Your About Us page is one of the first pages checked by new visitors. It is often underestimated by many website owners and bloggers, but to make the right impact you should pay special attention to your About Us page.

Why you need an effective about us page

It sums up the reason your website exists, and consequently, your presence. With a quick glance your visitors can make out where you are coming from, what all our your abilities, and where you are heading to. If you are a company, you should talk about what your company aims to achieve, and how. Who all our associated with it and what are the capabilities of your prominent team members.

If you are a single person then then your visitors would like to know about you, what your abilities are, what makes you interesting, whether you are male or female, in which country you live, etc.

Here’s a good tutorial on how to create an effective about us page.