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How to create great Google+ posts

Doesn’t matter how many social networking platforms you are using right now, there is no denying the fact that Google+ is among the most important. This is not just because of the audience it enjoys and the number of new members it is attracting, but also due to various other reasons. Your posts can have an impact on your search engine rankings. You can reach a wider “geeky” audience by posting regularly on Google+. There is a great wealth of knowledge existing on Google+ posts by other users. Whatever is the reason, it matters how much you post on Google+ and how you formulate your individual posts.

You can use Google+ various ways. People use it for publishing full-fledged blog posts. They also publish summaries of articles and blog posts that either they have published or they have found on other websites and blogs that they would like to share. Sometimes people publish simple links, images and videos. Basically it depends on your target audience.

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