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How to create great web page footers

Your web page footer may appear at the bottom, but it is as important as your top navigation bar and in fact a good thing about web page footers is that you can put lots of important information there. It can add as miniaturized sitemap. You can also put there all the links that you are unable to fit into the primary navigation. It is to indicate that now since you have come to the end of this web page, you may also like to visit other pages. Some designers also repeat their main navigation in the footer so that the visitor doesn’t have to scroll all the way up to check out other links in the main navigation.

Web designing, no doubt, has evolved into a great art and prominent web designers these days take great pains to fine tune every nook and corner of their websites, and this also includes their footer. It completes a design and leaves a lasting impression. Your visitor shouldn’t feel that although you have given enough attention to your layout, you haven’t paid much thought to your website footer.

This blog post reviews 25 examples of excellently created footers on various websites.