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How to create text with border (stroke) in GIMP

You can easily create text with border or outline in GIMP. Some also call it stroke if you are familiar with using Photoshop. There is no dedicated feature in GIMP that allows you to create text with border or create an outline around your text, but through a combination of a couple of features you can easily achieve this.

Launch GIMP and open a new document. Then create the text you want to create a border around. In our case we’ll be creating HowToPlaza:

Creating text with border in GIMP

Then use the color tool to select the text Color tool for selecting text

Click on the tool first and then click somewhere on your text. Your text begins to look like this:

Your text when selected.

You can try out various setting in the section shown below to create smoother selection of the above text:

Various color selection tool options

Once you have selected the text, go to the Tool box and change the color to the one you want around your text. Then in the top menu, click Edit and then Stroke Selection… You come across this screen:

Stroke style window

This is the screen you use to create border or stroke around your text. The final result looks like this:

Finally, text with border

The end product here doesn’t look very neat but you can try out various GIMP tweaks to make this image look sharper and a bit more professional.