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How to create the perfect footer for your website

Just because your website footer appears at the bottom of your web page doesn’t mean it is less important. What’s a footer, you ask? It’s just like the header of your website or blog, or the sidebar. Normally, there are three components of your website that appear throughout your website: the header, the side bars and the footer.

Your footer cannot only improve your search engine rankings it is also a perfect place to put all important links and relevant information. According to this excellent blog post (the blog has quite an attractive footer) you can put the following information inside your footer area.

  • The contact us link: when your visitor wants to contact you he or she should be able to click the contact us link immediately no matter where he or she is presently on your website.  Even if your contact us link is present in your header navigation it should be present in the footer too so that he or she doesn’t have to scroll much in order to access the link.
  • Terms of service and privacy policy: these two expressions are self explanatory.
  • Site map: a site map not only makes it easier for your human visitors to access your important pages it also enables search engine crawlers to go through your web pages quickly.
  • Address and phone number: this is important if in order to conduct your business your customers or clients must know your contact details.  Although it is not necessary in every business to share your physical address you should at least mention your phone number and e-mail address.

Here’s a list of some really nice looking footers for your inspiration. And here’s another collection of some excellent footers.