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How to customize Firefox 4

Have you already started using Firefox 4, the latest Mozilla Firefox version? There have been some changes in the way the interface looks and works and you may need to customize it a bit in order to feel comfortable using it just the old way. For instance in the newer version of Firefox the reload button and the home button have been shifted to the right hand side and this can be very annoying because most of the people are used to these buttons being on the left hand side.

Restoring the home and the reload buttons

There is a very simple solution.

Customize Firefox 4

Click on the new Firefox 4 orange button, then click Options and then click “Toolbar Layout…”. Once this window is active you can easily move around the buttons on the top bar of Firefox 4. For instance, in order to customize your browser just the way it was in the previous versions you can simply drag the home button and the reload button to the left and put them whenever you feel like.

Similarly, the search box on the right may be a simple annoyance if you never use it. Drag it onto the “Toolbar Layout…” window and it will be removed from your browser window.

Bring the tabs to their previous location in Firefox 4

Prior to Firefox 4 the various tabs that you opened used to be below the toolbar and the location bar, but right now they appear at the top. If you want them to be at the same old location just click the new Firefox 4 orange button again, click Options and then click “Tabs on Top”. If there is a tick mark on the left of this options it will disappear and now your tabs will appear in the old location. If you click on it again they will come back to the new position.

In order to customize Firefox 4 further refer to this original article in PC World.