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How to deal with a broken heart

Some time or the other we all have to deal with a broken heart. Heartbreak is an integral part of living a life full of relationships.  Your heart can be broken by anybody.  Contrary to popular conception you don’t just break your heart when a romantic relationship goes sour. Your child can break your heart; your brother or sister can break your heart; your friend can break your heart and for that matter even your parents can break your heart. The basic point is, how to deal with a broken heart.  Here are a few things you can do:

  • Accept that your heart is broken: some people don’t want to accept this fact and keep the hurt in the heart, and tragically they pass on the hurt to some other person who doesn’t even deserve that. Instead, accept that your heart is broken and take measures to heal it, to deal with it.
  • Feel depressed and let your loved ones know: it does not make you a less of a person if somebody breaks your heart.  Sometimes it is intentional and sometimes it is not.  Whatever the reason give yourself enough time to mop around, cry, and feel depressed.  After all you feel hurt and this has to manifest somewhere.  Don’t try to keep yourself busy in other activities and wait for the hurt to go away. Otherwise it never goes away.
  • Forgive the person who has broken your heart: this is perhaps the best way of dealing with a broken heart. Hating the person is going to aggravate your situation.  Let the initial anger pour out — which is natural — but after that don’t hold a grudge and simply move on because holding a grudge is not worth it.
  • Engage in a meaningful occupation: do something that brings you inner peace and brings happiness to the others.  Making other people happy is cathartic. Do some community service, spent some time with the aged, preferably your own grandparents, or help an underprivileged kid study.
  • Take it positively: you may feel cynical about this suggestion but this is actually true. Every event, whether it is happy or sad, teaches us something. It makes us wiser. It makes us understand life better, it makes us understand it. A person who leaves us and hurts us, most probably he or she is making a space for a better person.
  • Rekindle your passion: do you like painting, or singing, or biking, or rock climbing, or dancing? People who have a passion in their lives are less likely to feel heartbroken for a long time because they can easily divert their attention to their passion. You may find another interesting person while following your passion.
  • Love people around you: people around you are equally important, and at this time of hurt, they are more important. Your brother, your sister, your cousins, parents and friends, they have been with you for ages. Despite the bitter-sweet times you have spent together, they are always going to stick by you.
  • Embrace the new beginning: it’s time to move on and scale new horizons. A new, wonderful life awaits you. If you see darkness, you are on the verge of an exuberant morning. From the depths of hopelessness rises the light of hope. These are not merely encouraging words, it actually is the case.