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How to deal with people who hate you

First of all you shouldn’t worry much about people who hate you — you have no control over their feelings. By this we don’t mean to say you don’t care the way people feel about you, we all do. But after a while, if you see there is no way out, you need to figure out how to disassociate yourself from that feeling of hatred and focus on whatever you are trying to achieve. This is more so on the Internet where there is easy to express hate, and easy to become a target.

Why do people hate you?

There can be many reasons (we’re not talking about instances where you’ve caused great harm to somebody) — they may hate the way you think, they may disagree with the way you handle different situations, they may simply be jealous of your attitude — there could be various reasons. The key is, understanding that when you do something different, most people won’t like it. You disturb their comfort zone, you create an uneasy situation for them, you put them in a condition where people compare them to you, or they are simply biased against your race, religion or region. If you start changing people’s attitude towards you this will become your full-time job and you’ll have to forget about your other pursuits.

So what to do?

Do well in whatever you are doing, and this is the best revenge against people who hate you. Read further in this Mashable article on 7 Great Principles for Dealing with Haters