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How to defend yourself when physically attacked

Getting physically attacked can be a really scary situation and sometimes it is not in our control to get in a get out of such a situation.  Sometimes we need to know how to defend ourselves whether we like it or not.  First of all you have to realize that the person attacking you is putting himself or herself in the same kind of danger as he or she is putting you into and this means you can cause that person a physical injury if you get a chance.

When confronted with an enemy get rid of the fear of death because that is not going to save you, especially when the person really means to harm you or kill you — no amount of groveling or praying is going to deter him from acting out his intention.  You need to know how to attack and how to retract at inappropriate moments. So instead of feeling scared of being badly injured or killed you should focus on defending yourself.  Once you have overcome your fear you will find that you are more capable of defending yourself.  Read some great but simple self-defense tricks at this link.

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