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How to delete your Facebook account permanently

Delete Facebook account permanently

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Although on this page I’m not trying to encourage you to delete your Facebook or any other social media account, but in case you decide to, you should be able to delete it permanently without leaving a trace. There are many who think they have deleted their Facebook account just to realize later on that their account is still activate.

It seems the guys at Facebook — due to whatever reason — don’t want to hand the process of permanently deleting an account over to their users. The reason might be that it takes up lots of time to create your social media presence — years in many cases — and if someone is able to just delete your account like any bit of random information it can be disastrous.

In case you no longer want to use your Facebook account you can:

  • Deactivate your Facebook account
  • Delete your Facebook account permanently

Deactivate your Facebook account

Sometimes you don’t want to use your account for while and also don’t want to be visible on Facebook. You can easily deactivate your account by going to Account -> Account Settings. There under the Settings tab you’ll find an option to deactivate your account. All your data — photos, videos, comments and postings — remain there, and are immediately available the moment you reactivate your account.

Delete your Facebook account permanently

There is no direct link that you can click and delete your Facebook account permanently but you can place a delete request using this link. Your account is not deleted immediately and your delete request is cancelled if you login after placing the request or use Facebook in some manner from the same computer from where you placed the request, so make sure you remain away from Facebook after you have placed a request for permanent account deletion.