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How to detoxify your liver in a delicious manner

After your heart, your liver is probably the hardest working organ in your body. It constantly detoxifies your body as well as helps you digest your food. Over a period of time, since it is absorbing all the toxins in your body generates this hard-working organ also needs to be detoxified. If you don’t detoxify your liver, you may have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, constant fatigue, mood swings, depression, sleep apnoea and triglycerides (lots of fatty deposits inside of body giving you ailments like cardiovascular disease). An acidic liver can also give you abdominal bloating, constant pain around the liver area, trouble digesting fatty foods, acid reflux and heartburn, dark spots on the skin normally referred to as liver spots, excessive perspiration and unexplained weight gain.

How can you detoxify your liver on a regular basis? One way is to drink lots of water because water flushes out toxins inside your body. When your liver processes lots of water it itself gets cleaned. If you don’t feel like having too much water all the time you can also have herbal tea. Any liquid that doesn’t require your liver to process a lot can get your liver cleaned up. Some of you may not even like herbal tea because you need to develop your taste.

According to this blog post, you can also detoxify your liver in a delicious manner by making watery concoctions of fruits and vegetables. You can use lime, you can use apple, you can also use cucumber and also watermelon. Just make sure that all these concoctions don’t make your liver work hard.