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How to develop or increase your patience

Patience is a virtue in all the times. Many of your problems can be eternally solved if you can learn how to practice patience. Patience certainly does not mean reconciling with the circumstances; it means a state of endurance during difficult circumstances. For instance if you are trying to acquire a skill like singing it takes lots of practice and lots of patience to master the art. If you don’t have patience you will end up completely frustrated and abandon your pursuit midway. Instead of success you come across failure just because you’re not patient enough.

Patience is the habit that can be developed and nurtured with conscious practice. For this you need to be aware of the lack of patience inside you and the cost you’re paying for that. You need to accept that this is a weakness you have to overcome. After this whenever you find yourself losing patience you simply have to remind yourself that losing patience is never going to pay. People who become the masters of their destiny are not lucky, they simply know how to persevere and practice lots of patience. This blog post at Zen habits tells you how to develop an increase your patience.

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