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How To Do Your Own Podcasts

Podcasting is a great way of presenting something unique to your readers; instead of reading you they can listen to you. Podcasting, in case you don’t know, is derived from Apple’s iPod and it basically means recording your message and then making it available to any portable music player; this music player can be some gadget like your iPod, or you can embed the podcast into your web page where people can listen it.

I know a few bloggers who run daily or weekly podcasts on their blogs and these podcasts are a great hit among the blog readers. Hosting podcasts also makes it easier for you to convey your idea because for most (not all) speaking is easier than writing and if you are comfortable with speaking great stuff imprompto then it also saves you lots of time because you can record your podcast even while doing something else. Here’s a blog post that tells you how to create your very own podcasts – the easy way.