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How To Download A YouTube Video

Tired of your YouTube videos taking ages to buffer and halting all the time? Would you like to see your favorite YouTube videos even when you are not connected to the Internet? You can easily download a YouTube video and save it in your preferred format.

Download YouTube Video

To download YouTube videos I use the Orbit downloader. It is a small, free program that you can download and install, and then you can use it to download YouTube videos. It’s a very small program and it runs both on Internet Explorer and FireFox. Once installed it remains in your system tray, or loads on its own when you try to download a video. It I think sort of embeds itself into the browser because whenever you are watching a video, even a Flash video, you can see the Orbit icon appearing.

I prefer the FireFox version (because I mostly use FireFox) because in FireFox the download icon remains at the top of the video. In Internet Explorer it appears wherever the cursor is and it is most annoying when I’m trying to view my Google Analytics statistics because for that I have to hover my cursor over particular regions and then, instead of seeing the figures I see the download icon.

When the Orbit download downloads the YouTube videos it saves them as FLV files (Flash video) and most of my media players don’t play them well. To play FLV files you’ll need to download an FLV player and install it. I’m not sure but I think I use this one.

If you don’t want to install the Orbit downloader there are some websites that let you enter the YouTube video URL. Then the convert the file to your preferred format — AVI, MP4, JPEG etc. — and then give you the link to download the file. Some of the online tools that can help you download YouTube videos are:

  • Voobys: This is neat but I haven’t tried it yet. Just go to YouTube, load the video you want to view, and in the URL bar, replace youtube.com with voobys.com and it should take you to the download page.
  • Mediaconerter: Emails you the link from where you can download the processed YouTube video file.
  • Vixy: Presents you the download link after converting your YouTube video.