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How to execute a .bin file in Ubuntu

Now that you have installed Ubuntu, you may like to install some of your preferred programs. Unlike in Windows, you don’t get executable files in Ubuntu. There are different types of executable files in Ubuntu, and one of the most common file extensions is .bin file.

If you download a .bin file and try to straight away execute it, in Ubuntu you won’t be able to do so. You’ll need to tell Ubuntu that this file must be “executed”, and not opened in another program, as in, like .odf files are opened by OpenOffice.

So how do you execute a .bin file in Ubuntu? Save the file somewhere on your Ubuntu desktop. Then right-click the file and click Properties. This brings up this window:


Click the Permissions tab and check the “Allow executing file as program” checkbox.


Press Close and you are ready to execute a .bin file under Ubuntu.

In case it doesn’t work you will have to resort to executing some commands inside the terminal window. Open your Terminal window (Applications > Accessories > Terminal window). In case you have saved the bin files, let’s say executethis.bin file on your Desktop, execute this command first of all:

sudo chmod +x executethis.bin

It will ask for your password. Enter it and hit Enter. Please remember that being Linux, Ubuntu is case sensitive. Now, simply execute the file by executing:


It may again ask for the password, but this way, now you can execute your bin file.