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How to face rejection

You should be prepared to face rejection if you want to achieve recognition and get acceptance and this is an ineluctable reality. Humans are social animals and in most of the cases our success and happiness depends on other humans and whenever our happiness and sense of fulfillment hinges upon the others’ reaction towards our approach, the fear of rejection is imminent.

100s of 1000s of highly talented individuals fail to make a mark simply because they fear the prospect of being rejected. Whether the perceived rejection is in a relationship, in a business, in performing arts or sports, the fear nips many an aspiration in the bud. We fail to understand that rejection is a part of acceptance just as failure is a part of success [read how to handle failure]. It’s not that we’re bound to face rejection whenever we try something or whenever we approach somebody, if we face rejection just as an integral part of acceptance and achievement, we can focus more on what we’re trying to achieve, rather than draining ourselves out in the fear of rejection.

How to face rejection

  • Have confidence in yourself. This may sound cliched, but if you want to face rejection and you don’t want to break your spirit then you must have confidence in yourself. Having confidence doesn’t mean to you sweep your weak points under the carpet and become a braggart. Just know what you are doing and what you are trying to achieve. This way even if you experience rejection you can say, “Well, who cares?”
  • Don’t take rejection as a judgement against you. Some rejections carry no malice against you and it is just a matter of opinion or circumstances. For instance, you may get rejected in a job interview or a screen test for a modeling assignment: may be they are looking for a different skill set and a different profile. This is more so true when people who reject you don’t know you — it’s nothing personal. Even if that hot girl or boy rejected your proposal it’s simply because she or he is looking for other qualities and not the ones you can currently offer.
  • Take rejection as a learning experience. You can learn a lot from your experience of rejection. Carry out a detailed introspection if you think in some way or the other you brought about the rejection upon yourself. Got rejected by that sexy girl because of your daunting flabs? Then who is stopping you from getting in shape? Got rejected in an interview? Did you actually make an effort and find out what they were actually looking for? Put yourself in their position.
  • Focus on the work not on the reaction. Your true talent shouldn’t be driven by the way people react to you. Many talented people make a mess of their lives because they’re constantly worried about how people treat them. It doesn’t matter. Focus on your work, focus on your effort and everything eventually falls in line. Harsh reality: the world bows in front of those who kick its butt.
  • Take rejection as an opportunity. May be a much better option awaits you. It’s not some sort of a consolation, this actually happens. Whether you’re rejected by a committee or your dream boy or dream girl there is more than 80% chance that something and someone better is waiting for you round the corner. You just need to recognize the opportunity and be prepared for that.
  • It’s not the end of the world. Really, it’s not. Things that seem monumentally important right now may seem trifle after six months. Always keep in mind that things appear the way they do because of your current disposition and this disposition may change even after an hour. It’s a very long life and your life is full of opportunities at every step.

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