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How to feel wanted or make yourself indispensable

If you feel unwanted and unappreciated you are certainly not in a minority. There are millions of people on this planet who feel lonely and rejected and think it doesn’t make a difference whether they exists or not. This condition can be self-imposed or circumstantial; sometimes it doesn’t matter how much we try to reason out things are not in our control but then 99% of time they ARE in our control. Some people by nature are loners and reclusive; they don’t mind being left alone and their happiness does not depend on how much attention other people give to them or how much they are appreciated. But most of us, being a gregarious species, love to hear from others and love to feel important and wanted. So how do you make sure that you feel wanted and indispensable?

If you’re constantly creating circumstances that pushed other people away then you definitely have to change this habit. Expand your social circle so that you are not dependent upon a few selected people to feel wanted. If being a part of a social circle is not possible at the moment then at least join some NGO and become an important part of a cause. People will love you if you help them when they need your help. Make people feel good about themselves and they will hover around you as bees around honey. People who are experts in their fields are also in great demand and they are respected. It takes time and effort but develop expertise, some useful expertise of course. Read some more tips on how to feel wanted and make yourself indispensable at this link.

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