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How to feel young and fit at an older age

The sages have said that it is the mind that gets older and not the body. We grow old in our attitude and if we want to reverse the ageing process we first need to change our attitude towards ourselves and towards our health. Many people believe that old age is for resting and doing less work. To the contrary the more active and useful you are doing your old-age the less old you feel. You could constantly exercise and get involved in lots of physical activities to keep your mind and body forever young. You should also monitor what you eat. In order to keep your mind agile and active constantly subject it to mental exercises.

You can start with taking a stock of your situation: at what stage your health is now and where you want to go from there? Lose weight if you think that is a hurdle and start exercising. You should also socialize as much as possible. Read how to remain younger forever at this link.

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