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How to finish what you start

Do you find it difficult to finish what you start? If yes, you are with 99.99% of people and it’s only .01% people who really know how to reach their goals and see that they finish what they start. To be frank, we all have great ideas and in fact, such ideas come a dime a dozen. The problem is in the execution.

We start things with great enthusiasm and excitement. In a matter of a few minutes we construct a gargantuan castle of dreams. Then, gradually, as things begin to get difficult, as we realize that it’s not as easy or as predictable as we had thought, we begin to lose steam. Take for instance blogging. You have this great theme that nobody is covering. You register a neat domain and start the blog and you even invest in an expensive design. You are so charged up that you publish multiple posts everyday. But then, even after a few months, you see no result, and to make matters worse, it seems the more work you put in, the less result you derive. Eventually you give up.

This happens in every aspect of life. How do you counter that? You know there are people in this world who are amazingly successful. Whatever they do, they succeed in it. What do they have that you don’t? Read this ZenHabits blog post on how to finish what you start.