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How to fix your elevator pitch

Have you already prepared an elevator pitch but you think it needs lots of improvement. For an elevator pitch to be effective it doesn’t just have to be succinct, it must also convey the central point of your message in as clear a manner as possible. If you think most of the people cannot understand exactly what you provide and what sort of business you do, after hearing your elevator pitch, you need to sit down and fix it. Here are some quick things you can do to improve your elevator pitch.

Write your elevator pitch the way you speak

As you know, people don’t read your elevator pitch, they hear it from you. Therefore you have to prepare it in a manner you feel comfortable speaking in. Don’t use words and expressions you’re not confident using. Show genuine concern in your sentences. For instance, directly tell the person, “If you don’t seem to be able to save money, I can help you,”, or “Our product increases your workforce efficiency by monitoring their performance on an hourly basis without any human interference.”

Avoid using jargons as much as possible

In day-to-day conversations you don’t use jargons and difficult words unless you are delivering a scholarly speech. When you bump into people in an elevator, you normally interact in a conversational manner. So while you’re talking you don’t use expressions like “paradigm shift”, “cutting edge technology”, “holistic approach”, etc. Similarly, when you are delivering your elevator pitch, avoid using clichés.

Prepay your elevator pitch in multiple languages

This is, assuming you are comfortable speaking more than one language. If you live in a cosmopolitan city where people speak multiple languages it is better to prepare your elevator pitch in multiple languages. For example, if you often come across people who speak Spanish, French as well as English and you are comfortable in all these languages you can prepare your elevator pitch in all of these. Of course they cannot all be your native languages so you can politely explain and later on confirm whether they have understood what you had meant to impart.

Be prepared to scrap your existing elevator pitch altogether

Don’t worry if you have to prepare your elevator pitch from scratch. It should not be an uphill task considering you just have to prepare 1-2 sentences at the most. Remember that no matter how attached you feel to your existing elevator pitch, if it is not effective, it is not useful to you. Writing your elevator pitch from scratch will give you a clean slate and you will be able to focus better on exactly what you want to convey rather than trying to improve something that already exists.

Be prepared to alter your elevator pitch impromptu

You cannot always parrot your elevator pitch. Every person you meet has a unique requirement. So you may have to alter it according to the situation and the individual. So ideally, keep the gist of the elevator pitch with you and let the remaining delivery be natural and based on the moment.