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How to focus on your work and find happiness in it

Some people get bored while doing their work and some people are so engrossed that they lose track of time.  Do you feel that you cannot focus on your work and this makes you unhappy and distracted?  Finding focus in your work is extremely important if you want to succeed in whatever you are doing.  True happiness can only be found doing the work you love and on which you can concentrate without feeling distraught.

Whenever you seek happiness in your work you need to achieve flow and when you need to achieve flow then you need to clearly define your work. For this to happen it is very important that you choose the work you love or you can teach yourself to love. This may sound like too idealistic because not all the time it is possible to find work that you love. If you cannot find the appropriate work then you need to feel excited about the result it gives you: the work that you do helps you pay the bills and ensures the financial security of your family.

Another way of finding focus is by going to a place that is quiet and peaceful.  Sometimes it is not the work but the surroundings that are too disturbing.  Find more about how to achieve flow and happiness in your work at this is Zen habits blog post.

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