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How to get a Google Wave Invite

Google Wave Google Wave has hit the shores of the world wide web like the proverbial tsunami. Every body all of a sudden wants to know how to get a Google Wave invite and the world has been divided into the haves and the have nots. People are so crazy about all this that some are actually auctioning their invites on ebay!

In the first release of Google Wave invites Google sent around 100,000 invitations mostly to programmers and technology enthusiasts who might have registered for an invite in the early stage.

So how do you get a Google invite?

The easiest thing to do is approach somebody who already has an invite. Well, with just 100,000, actually it’s not that easy. We’ve observed that every invitee can invite 8 other people and then the new invitees can invite 8 others and so on. Remember the same thing happened when Gmail started. It’s a good way of creating a hype around a new release. When something is coveted it gets more popular. The good thing is, if you’re not in a great hurry, sooner or later you’ll be able to use Google Wave.

You can also get an invite if you signed up initially for a Google Wave Invite for getting it and in fact most of the invites have been sent to these people. There are some programmers and testers who are being preferred by Google because they want to develop an open source community around it.

People who use the paid version of Google apps also stand a chance of getting invites.

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