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How to get attention on Twitter

Twitter, along with being a great communication tool, also carries lots of noise because you might be following thousands of people and thousands of people might be following you. After a while it becomes hard to get attention on Twitter, and also it becomes hard to give attention.

In order to get attention on Twitter, first of all you have to remain visible. Nobody is going to notice you or remember you if you tweet once in a while, and that too, to promote your own blog or website links. You continuously have to post highly useful information, compelling quotes and deserving retweets. You also actively need to participate in the ongoing conversations.

Having said all this, despite having an active profile on Twitter, it is sometimes hard to get people’s attention, simply because so much is being posted. Everybody has tons of things to say. So how do you make your message standout so that people not only read it, pay attention to it, but they also retweet it. Being retweeted is very important because that is how more and more people know about you – even those people who are not following you and may like to follow.

You need to create great Twitter headlines, according to this latest blog post by Brian, and he knows a few things about creating headlines. Compelling headlines definitely get attention. This is why you should make sure that you post something that is highly relevant. Also make sure that your headings are short (there is 140-character limit) so that people have enough space to retweet your tweets.