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How to get higher rankings on Google

Want highly targeted traffic from Google for you relevant keywords? Then you need to get higher rankings on Google for those keywords. While conducting searches it has been noted that people normally don’t go beyond the second or the third search results page. In fact it is always better to aim at getting your webpage or your website or your blog on the first page of Google results. But how to get higher rankings? Well, Google uses certain factors to rank your website or blog according to various keywords. For that you need to optimize your website both off-site and on-site.

On-site optimization means writing highly relevant content and publishing it on a regular basis; keeping a clean markup; giving well-defined unique titles to all your web pages and blog posts; interlinking to deeper pages and blog posts from your current pages; organizing your content using headings, subheadings, bulleted lists and highlights; using keywords and key expressions in the anchor text when you are linking to your own web pages and blog posts and constantly updating your website or blog.

Off-site optimization means getting other websites and blogs link to you using keywords and key expressions that are relevant to your website or blog. If you publish highly and relevant content on your website or blog than most probably people will be linking to you on their own but this takes time. In the meantime you should write some useful articles and submit them to various article submission and article directory websites. You should also offer to write guest blog posts on various blogs because then you can link to your own website or blog from those blog posts.

Interact on online forums because the search engines, especially Google, very quickly index the content of online forums because these forums are updated very frequently.

A balanced combination of on-site and off-site optimization can get you higher rankings on Google for your relevant keywords and key expressions.

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