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How to get more traffic using SlideShare

SlideShare, as the name suggests, helps you share your slides. You can call it the YouTube of slides. On YouTube you post videos, on SlideShare you post slides so that users over their can easily access them. In fact, not only slides, you can even post your documents and PDFs on SlideShare to increase your traffic.

But how do you generate more traffic using SlideShare. As it happens with every social media and networking website, your content must be attractive and compelling enough. Since social media thrives on sharing, people at SlideShare should file like sharing your SlideShare link with their friends and followers.

Dull and drab company stuff doesn’t normally get that much attention. Even if you are selling the most boring stuff, you can create entertaining slides and presentations and post them on SlideShare. You can create case studies telling what a big difference your product makes. You can also post interesting and funny anecdotes associated with your product.

You cannot get more traffic from SlideShare immediately. The traffic gradually builds up. Use other channels like Twitter and FaceBook to promote your SlideShare links so that people know that you are posting interesting content at the slide sharing website.

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