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How to get rid of shyness

Somewhere some time we are all shy creatures.  Shyness is kind of a self-defense…you avoid doing things that expose your real or imaginary weaknesses and shortfalls.  Shyness manifests when we are about to do something or engage in an act that we have never performed and hence we are unsure of how we will do. If you don’t get rid of shyness in time it can cause many obstacles whether it is your professional life or your personal life.  Sometimes even entering a room can leave us traumatized due to excessive shyness.  It will be extremely difficult for you to get a date if you feel shy of approaching people and striking a conversation. Shyness can lead to disastrous consequences when you have to give presentations, appear for interviews, give product demonstrations or perform any act that is going to be viewed by people.

How to get rid of this shyness? Shyness mostly happens when we are too conscious about how we look and how people perceive us. We have extreme low self-esteem when we feel very shy.  It also happens when we pay too much attention to things we cannot do and don’t think about things that we can do. If you want to get rid of shyness you will have to understand from where you’re feeling of shyness originates and how you can remove or mitigate the source.  You should also learn to love yourself no matter how you are.  Stop getting too preoccupied with the image you portray to the people around you because it hardly matters and it is not a matter of life and death.  For instance if you’re giving a presentation people are more interested in the facts are going to present instead of in how you are presenting them.  Similarly if you need to sing in front of people your performance depends on your preparation and not on that instance.  How can you perform badly if you are prepared well?  Read further on how to attack shyness and get rid of it.

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