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How to get rid of the procrastination habit

Procrastination can be a real time waster if you don’t control it in time. Many a life has been ruined by the destructive habit of procrastination and it is such an evil habit that you don’t even realize when you begin to indulge in it on a daily basis.

Procrastination mostly begins when you start avoiding work that you don’t feel inspiring enough. Then, instead of doing the work that you are supposed to be doing at that time you do every other thing under the sun like visiting various websites and blogs, posting comments, reading lengthy articles that have no relevance to your current work, chatting with people on phone or on chat messengers, etc. Your efficiency suffers, you feel totally de-motivated and depressed and you are constantly busy because you never seem to finish the actual work that cannot be avoided. It also takes its toll on your quality of life and interpersonal relationships. When you are whiling away your time when you are supposed to be working on your projects then you have to dedicate time that you could have spent with your loved ones or indulging in your favorite activities.

But no matter how deep the habit of procrastination has that its roots you can get rid of it by a mix of planning, discipline and determination. The first step towards defeating the habit of procrastination is to re-affirm your goals. Where do you want to go in your life and what all do you want to achieve? Remind yourself this. There are many other things that you can do to control the habit of procrastination and some of them you can read in this Zen habits blog post.