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How to get rid of those small habits that keep you holding back

We often ignore the small habits that somehow get into our systems and cause big hurdles.  For instance, in the middle of working on an important assignment you start visiting various websites and blogs that have got nothing to do with your current assignment.  Or, aimlessly surfing TV channels when you should be brainstorming on your new project.  This can be especially dangerous for freelancers who don’t have a system to constantly monitor them; they have to monitor themselves.  Other habits may include constantly sipping tea or coffee (having lots of acidity in the process), chatting on the phone needlessly or through an online messenger, playing computer games and aimlessly leaving comments on various social media and social networking websites.

They may seem like very small problems because people around you cannot see them and warn you, and you may not be directly spending lots of money and resources on these pesky little habits but in their own quiet way they are surely wrecking havoc in your personal as well as business life and you should get rid of them as soon as possible.

How can you get rid of them?  First of all you should be dedicated to your goal because when you’re dedicated to your goal you don’t like distractions.  You should also build up your momentum because then there are no pauses in between and you totally focus on your work.  Read in this post how you can beat your small but nagging bad habits.

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