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How to get your personal landing page

Don’t have a website but would like a personal landing page people can refer to and that you can publish on your visiting card? There are many people who don’t either want a website for themselves or right now are not in a position to get one. For them a simple solution is having a personal landing page carrying all the important information like contact details, a small profile and the social media and networking links.

On your personal landing page you can put all the details that you cannot put on your visiting card but like your prospective clients and customers to go through. There are three ways of having your personal, custom landing page.

Have a landing page on a friend’s website

Does one of your friends already have a website? If he or she can spare a small amount of space all he or she has to do is create another folder by your name and then you can upload a page there. It’s even better if you name your page as index.html or index.php so that your personal landing page url looks like:


Use one of the free blogging services for your personal landing page

You can easily use blogger.com or wordpress.com or a plethora of other free blogging services to host your personal landing page. Just create a single blog post carrying all your details and publish it.

Use a personal landing page hosting service

This is one of the better ways of having your personal landing page on the web as there are many customizable features you can use and many also have fancy widgets to prep up your pages. This Lifehack post reviews five personal landing page services.