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How to have your WordPress “Recent Posts” sidebar listing in custom order

Whether you’re using WordPress to manage your website or your blog, you must have a sidebar (even the footer, for that matter) where you have listed your recent blog posts or webpages. By default, the WordPress gives you a widget that you can drag and drop on the sidebar with maximum 15 recent posts. This is a great way to showcase your latest content, but what if you don’t want to arrange your recent posts chronologically reversed? What happens is that your latest blog post appears at the top, then the second one appears after that, and so on, with the last one appearing at the 15th spot (provided you have selected the maximum number of recent blog posts to be displayed).

Here is a plug-in called “Latest Posts with Order Option” that creates a widget inside your WordPress admin area that you can simply drag and drop on the sidebar to create a custom order latest posts section. Once installed, this widget lets you arrange your sidebar post links alphabetically, according to the ID, and of course, date of publication.

Small note of caution: Right now this plug-in seems to be a bit buggy. When I tried on my own blog it applies its own heading format to the widget title, unlike the usual class defined for widget areas. Other than this, if you want to play around with this plug-in, you can do so.