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How To Help Environment In Small And Big Ways

Today is the 15th of October, 2007, The Blog Action Day. All the bloggers participating need to write a blog post and this is my take.

Are you worried about rapidly deteriorating environmental conditions? Do you often worry that your kids will find it hard to see the blue sky as it will be perpetually enveloped by pollution and soot? Do the thoughts of the impending dooms day ushered by mega-cyclones and giant tsunamis wake you up sweating? Then be proactive and do your bid.

We often wonder what we can do to help the environment, especially when we are so bogged down by our own day-to-day problems. Well, you don’t have to leave your job and join a non-profit organization in order to help your environment; even if you bring small changes in your lifestyle you can make a big impact. My personal suggestions are:

  • Use less paper. Do you really need that thick newspaper you get in the morning? Millions of trees all over the world are destroyed to manufacture paper. Wherever possible, use less paper.
  • Use water carefully. When you open your faucet you assume there is always going to be an abundant supply of water, at least in your part of the world. If we keep taking water for granted very soon we are going to run out of it, especially if your water is drawn from the ground.
  • Using electricity only when needed. Do you leave your TV running even when nobody’s watching it? Do you forget to switch off the lights when leaving the room? Look around you and try to figure out things that you do that waste electricity. The point is not that since you can pay the electricity bill so you can use it anyway you feel like; the point is the more electricity you use the more resources are used to create more energy and this causes lots of strain to the environment.
  • Use your vehicle less if you can and if possible use the public transport and I’m not going to repeat the same old thing that you should save the few and control the emissions.
  • Teach your kids to value and respect the environment. They are the future citizens of this world and they’re going to be active partners in its maintenance and distraction depending on what ideological legacy we leave them with. Teach them to keep their surroundings clean and respect the planet’s bio-diversity. Inculcate in them a habit of preserving and nurturing plants, trees, and the animal species. Discourage them from using lots of plastics and other pollutants.
  • Make the environmental issue a major political issue and force your government to act now. The environment is as important as the economy and the business and in fact to be Frank it is far more important than economy and business because if you don’t have a world to live in what are you going to do with your economy anyway? So turn a better environment into a political issue and only one for that party that is sensitive towards the environment.
  • Plant a tree every week or at least every month.