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How to improve or boost the signal of your wireless router

Just got a new wireless router to surf the net without getting entangled into lengthy chord? Normally the Internet connection speed is far less than the wireless routers can manage, but the signal strength can be a problem if you setup a network at home and office and need to transfer or stream huge files. At that time it really helps if you have strong wireless router signal.

Here are a few things you can do to strengthen and boost your wireless router signal

Place the wireless router at a central local to boost signal

If there are many terminals at home or office all over the place you should place the wireless router at a centralized location where all the computers and devices can access it easily.

Keep your wireless router in open surroundings

Take care that you don’t place your router behind or adjacent to metallic furniture such as boxes, chairs or Almira. In order to boost its signals place your router where there are no objects surrounding it. You should even keep it away from walls if its signals are supposed to go in all directions. If there are other cordless devices like phones etc. on the way remove them.

Don’t need an omni-directional antenna?

If you don’t need an omni-directional antenna you can either get a uni-directional antenna to strengthen its signal or you can place a metallic foil behind the antenna to boost its signal in just one direction.

Update wireless card drivers

Sometimes outdated wireless network card drivers cause problem in the reception and it seems there’s a problem with the router. Update the network card driver before doing anything else.

Use a wireless repeater

A wireless repeater can be use to strengthen your wireless signals. Place it somewhere you feel the signals need a boost and you will immediately experience improvements. You can get a good wireless repeated from the same company whose wireless router you are using.

Try a new wireless channel

Just like radio signals improve or get worse as you switch between various channels, you can try out different channels to improve your wireless router signals. You can access the channels using the admin page of your wireless router.