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How to improve your click through rate (CTR) by 200%

Do you know that you can improve your CTR by 200% by simply changing the language of your title and your description?

Even if you are able to improve your search engine rankings and many of your blog and website URLs have begun to appear on the first page of the search engine results, it isn’t necessary that all the people who find you there are going to click your links. The number of times your link appears in front of people divided by the number of times people click your link is called its CTR – click-through ratio.

It’s your search engine rankings combined with your click-through ratio that eventually decides how effective your SEO efforts have been. That’s why the importance of effective copywriting can never be sidelined. In the meantime you may also like to read 10 steps to improve your organic search engine rankings.

Your CTR depends on

  • Your search engine rankings (if people are not able to see it, how are they going to click it?)
  • The title of your link
  • The description of your link

If people aren’t clicking your link, it doesn’t matter how outstandingly you have performed in your SEO efforts. By the end of the day what matters is how much traffic you are able to draw. If your title and your description aren’t convincing enough, the search engine rankings do not matter.

So how to improve your CTR – click through ratio 200%?

If you are experiencing good search engine rankings, let us assume that you are following the convention of using your primary keywords in the title tag and also prominently, in your description. So there is no need going over that.

What remains to be taken care of is the language and the message you convey. Is it convincing enough? Do people really think that your link provides what they’re looking for? This is very important. If they think your link doesn’t contain the information they’re looking for, they’re not going to click. Your title needs to be very convincing.

Take for instance the title of this blog post. The moment you come across it, you realize two things: it shows you how to improve your CTR, and it also shows you how much you can improve by following the suggestions in this blog post. If you want to know exactly this, you immediately know that the blog post may provide you that. I use the word “may” because you can also be misled.

Your language must address to the person looking for the information. It should sound enthusiastic – if you aren’t feeling excited about your link, how do you expect people to feel excited about it? Don’t make hyperbolic claims but make your offer as convincing as possible. Highlight the most overwhelming benefit of visiting the link and quantify the benefit as much as possible. In fact this is something that even I have been missing – unless you able to quantify what you’re delivering, people aren’t convinced much.

Use action words. It is not bad to actually tell people to “visit this website immediately” – use various expressions to convey the urgency.

The basic tenets of effective copywriting apply to writing even creating your page titles and descriptions. You spend lots of time creating your AdWords campaigns? When you are creating your AdWords campaigns you know that how crucial your CTR can be (the more people click your ads, the less you have to pay for the same position). Take your organic SEO with the same seriousness. Along with trying to improve your search engine rankings, also try to improve your CTR.