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How to improve your CSS skills

Cascading stylesheets or CSS is a great way of designing awesome websites. With CSS you can control the individual components of your website without bloating the source code. Every formatting can be stored in a separate CSS file that you simply have to attach with main website or blog.

You can also create great layouts by controlling how DIVs are placed and formatted on your web pages. The greatest benefit of using CSS is that you can keep design separate from content. What does that mean? Once you have created your website layout using CSS you just need to change a single file in order to alter the design specifications for your website or blog. Suppose you want to change the top navigation; we simply have to change the top navigation definitions in the CSS file. Similarly if you want to change the font type of your headlines; you simply need to change your CSS file and the headline font type is changed throughout your website.

Without having to change the organization of your content, suppose you want to move from a three-column layout to a two-column layout. By just redefining your CSS file you can achieve that. Some great CSS tips have been shared in this blog post.