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How to improve your life by waking up early

Wake-up early morning

Are you a late riser or an early riser? Do you wake up late or early? Do you really think you can improve your life by waking up early? Since time immemorial wise men and women have extolled upon the benefits of the “early to bed and early to rise” lifestyle in almost every region of the world. Although the rule is not written in stone, it definitely indicates a healthier lifestyle. Late nights and then late mornings throw you out of sync especially when you have to live in a world that begins in the morning and ends around evening. Don’t you feel bad when by the time you wake up most of the world around you have already worked and gone far ahead of you?

How do you improve your life by waking up early?

According to this Business Insider blog post when you wake up early you

  •  Get to have a healthy breakfast: Many people don’t have enough time to have a healthy breakfast despite the fact that it is the most important meal of the day. If you don’t have a nourishing breakfast, it doesn’t really matter what you have for lunch or for dinner. It gives you a boost and a good start. It is also nice way of spending early-morning time with your loved ones.
  • Get more time to relax: Morning time is quite peaceful and the tensions of the world haven’t hit you yet. You are more open to new thoughts. Do some reading. Listen to soothing music or if you don’t want to use some electronic gadget you can simply listen to the chirping of the birds. If you are fortunate enough to have a garden in front of your house, you can perhaps go out, sit there, and just absorb the beauty around you. If you start your day like this there is a great possibility that most of your day will be quite peaceful and packed with more results.
  • Are able to workout in the morning: Having a nice exercise in the morning carries tremendous health benefits. It boosts your metabolism, improves blood circulation, strengthens your muscles and makes you more flexible. If you wake up early in the morning you get enough time to establish an exercise routine that you can follow either everyday  or alternate days.
  • Will be forced to go to bed early: If you want to get up early in the morning, in order to get full sleep, it is but natural that you should get in bed early.

This Forbes article gives you some more benefits of waking up early in the morning so that you can improve your life.

  • Earn better grades: Various university studies have shown that school and college students who get up early in the morning get better grades compared to those who don’t.
  • Become more productive.
  • Anticipate problems: Since you get an early start you’re more likely to anticipate problems and handle them efficiently.
  • You plan better.
  • As mentioned above, when you get up early in the morning you get more time to exercise, which is good for your health.
  • You are more optimistic if you are an early riser.
  • There is easier commute for you because you can get out of your house before the others.
  • You can get a quiet hour at your workplace by reaching early.
  • You get more quality time with your family when you go to bed and get up early. When you start following this routine you automatically stop spending time on wasteful activities such as watching TV or checking out social networking updates.

This Zenhabits blog post lists some ways you can become an early riser.