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How to improve your memory and learn fast

In order to improve your memory you don’t have to work very hard. Lots of your study-related, and even day to day problems can be solved if you can of you can learn fast and improve your memory. The problem with learning crops up when we put too much stress on trying to remember by repeating the facts, believing that the more we repeat the longer we’ll remember. To be frank, this is that harder way of learning, contrary to the popular perception. The problem with prevalent learning is, in order to save a few hours of channelized hard work, we end up working hard infinitely, failing to achieve much.

Learning can become a lot easier if you first understand and then associate. Associate the facts you want to learn and remember with something you already know. This way of learning takes some time, but once you get used to it, you do it without much effort. You associate events, feelings and heuristics with the new facts. You can read further in this Zen Habits blog post.