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How to improve your personality

Do you often wonder how to improve your personality? If you really want to improve your personality, first of all you need to know why you want to achieve this? What’s there that lacks, and how is it going to affect your life if you manage to improve your personality? You can accomplish anything once you know why you want to do it. Anyway, that’s totally a different topic. In this blog post we are going to explore how you can improve your personality, significantly, taking small steps.

  • Accept and recognize your weak points: You cannot develop your strengths without knowing your weaknesses.  If you keep on living in denial you will never be able to improve your personality.  Once you know your weaknesses you can work on them and improve them. So in order to improve your personality first of all you have to accept and recognize your weak points.
  • Don’t judge people all the time: People with weak personality traits have this problem — they are constantly judging and evaluating people and they are constantly worried what people think about them and how people react to them.  Worrying about others’ reaction is not going to solve your problem.  When you stop judging people you can be more relaxed and be yourself.
  • Learn to like others: People with great personalities love the company of other people. Don’t think that since they already have great personalities people flock around them; that’s not the case.  After a certain point, to be honest, personality does not even matter.
  • Expand your intellectual horizon: Intelligent and informed people are generally more cool about themselves and this affects the way they move around and interact.  Do as much reading as possible because this fills your mind with ideas and stimulates your thoughts. You will have lots of confidence and you will be able to participate in all sorts of discussions and debates and put your point across convincingly, leaving a great impression.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Eat good food, exercise regularly and get enough sleep.  Improving your personality in no way involves looking pretty and having a great physique.  Any face can look good if there is a glow on the skin and it looks healthy.  Similarly the body of any proportion looks appealing if it is healthy and well-exercised.
  • Be useful to others: Help people whenever you can because this can win you many friends and admirers.  Don’t do it just to please people.  Help them when you really think that they should be helped. To be able to help the others instills confidence in you and this in return, reflects upon your personality.
  • Spend less time watching TV: Watching TV actually make us you dumb because you start living in a fantasy world and sometimes this world seems so good that you don’t want to come out of it.  It affects you intellectually and it also affects you physically.
  • Learn new things: Start learning new things because this will get you in touch with new people.  It could also take your mind off how you should look in front of other people.  This will also give you a chance to prove yourself and improve yourself work.
  • Be in the company of positive people: Don’t be a part of a group just because it is a “cool” group to belong to.  Instead, hang out with people who are not bothered about who is cool and who is not, and who appreciate true qualities.

Follow these practices and you can easily improve your personality.