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How to improve your SEO with content creation

Better SEO rankings are very important for your online traffic. And every website or blog gets almost more than 60% of its web traffic through search engines and hence it is highly critical that you get higher search engine rankings on major search engines.

Your ranking depends on the quality of content you have. Search engines look for high-quality content and people who would like to link to you look for high-quality content too, but it is not always possible to create high-quality content continuously. Content curation can help you.

What is content curation?

Millions of gigabytes of information is being generated every day on the web and it is simply not possible to quickly find what you’re looking for. Suppose you want a collection of at least 10 articles/blog posts full of SEO tips. If you’re looking for really genuine information you may have to spend a couple of hours (maybe days, depending on the subject and the depth you want to go to) looking for that information. But what if you can find all the 10 links on a single web page or a blog post? It will be highly useful.

If you feel a particular subject will interests your visitors you can spend some time on the Internet finding useful information on the subject, compile it under a single title, and then publish it on a single blog post or webpage. This is called content curation. It’s like, instead of creating original content, you are finding original content from other sources and then publish the links on your own website.

Content curation doesn’t mean you copy/paste the original information as it is – that would be copyright infringement and plagiarism. But there is no harm in writing a quick excerpt (1-2 paragraphs) and then adding the original hyperlink at the bottom.

Improving SEO with content curation

Here are the ways content curation can improve your SEO

  • Lists have a better chance of ranking well on search engines: Most of the blog posts and articles containing curated content have titles as “10 Best ways to improve your SEO”, “15 ways content can improve your SEO”, or “101 best kept SEO secrets”. As you can see, the moment you see these titles, you can make out that they are packed with information on SEO.
  • Niche curated content has better keyword optimization: When you curate quality content you will notice that most of those webpages and blog posts have great titles in terms of conveying their message and SEO. When you include them on a single web page or blog post they can do wonders to your own SEO, especially when they are going to appear as hyperlinks.
  • People will be linking to your curated content: Incoming links are always good for SEO and you are going to generate lots of incoming links if you keep on curating high-quality content on your website or blog because just like you there are many more people vying to add value to their own content by linking to high-quality external content.
  • Content creation is easier compared to creating original content: It is always easier to find content rather than create it. This means, every day, instead of pulling your hair trying to come up with new stuff, you can simply use your RSS feeds or your favourite search engines to find great content in the same stream and then curate it on a single blog post.

These are a few reasons content curation can help you improve your SEO. If you have some more tips on content curation and SEO please share them in the comments section.