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How to increase your declining blog traffic

Sooner or later your blog traffic begins to decline. The reason can be anything: may be your focus has changed and your posting frequency has reduced. Or may be you have lost the initial zeal, or there was a sudden change in the theme/subject and you have lots the interest of your audience. Once the decline begins to happen, some blogs go into oblivion. The bloggers get discouraged and abandon their idea of becoming a successful blogger, or they keep publishing on and off without solving any purpose. This is a complete waste of time. If you are investing your time in your blog, you must make some effort to increase its traffic, and that too on a regular basis.

In order to increase your declining blog traffic first of all you have to figure out what was bringing you traffic initially and then start doing the same thing. The game on the Internet changes every week and the things you were doing may not work as well at this moment, but some things are standard, for instance, quality and relevancy. Have you got high quality, relevant content on your blog. Of course quality and relevance depends on the your blog’s topic. If you write Hollywood gossip then obviously someone looking for a philosophy or spirituality blog won’t find your content high quality and relevant, and vice versa. So think what value you can provide to your audience, and then start providing it immediately.

After taking care of the quality and relevancy angle, focus on regularity. Formulate a schedule for your blog, and stick to that schedule. Don’t just post randomly. If you often post on Wednesdays, then post on Wednesday, not on Tuesday on week, and then Thursday the next, and then Wednesday the next.

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