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How to increase your landing page conversion rate

Your landing page must have a good conversion rate in order to justify cost for getting traffic to it, either via free sources or through pay-per-click campaigns. Wondering how your landing page is different from your website?

Your website sells all your services. Suppose you provide web design services and you also design backgrounds for Twitter profile pages. Read how to create a great Twitter profile page. Now this is just one of your services and you would like to create a campaign to promote this service. You are going to advertise in a few newsletters, through banner advertising and also through an AdWords campaign. There is no use directing your visitors to your main web design website because through this specific campaign you want to target just those who are looking for backgrounds for their Twitter profile pages. You create a landing page.

A landing page sells just a particular product or service, and nothing else.

So how to do you increase your landing page conversion rate?

  • Address the pain-points immediately. Does your offer provide some kind of pain relief? Does it solve a business problem and offers a benefit?
  • Make the most compelling offer in the beginning. People coming to your landing page shouldn’t have to scroll down in order to make out what you are trying to sell. Use images, use text, use anything, but within a couple of seconds your visitors should know what’s your offer, and why it is not to be missed. Offer a solution to their problem immediately without beating around the bush.
  • Use the same heading as you used in your ad. People come to your landing page after reading a particular text and they feel unsure if you offer the same thing, but in different words. Use the same words to maintain the continuity and focus.
  • Remove all distractions. The only clickable link on your landing page should be the Buy button. Don’t give a reason to your visitors to go to another link and get distracted. Provide all the information they need on that page.
  • Use text that is easily understandable. Your landing page is for conversion, not to showcase your writing prowess. Use compelling, but simple language to convey your sales pitch.
  • Use a right mix of text and images. Don’t overdo in terms of images because a landing page should load fast. But appropriate graphics can create a lasting impact. Use the pictures of your product, or people benefiting from your product or service, or of people who are highly respected in your field. You can also use images to make your fonts look professional and crisp.
  • Use different colors to highlight your points. Want to make sure people don’t miss certain portions of your landing page? Create different colored boxes and text to draw their attention…but don’t overdo it because then they might develop a blind eye towards your highlighted areas.
  • Keep the column narrow. There should be ample empty space on left and right side so that it’s easier for your visitors to go through your message.
  • Organize your content well. Use appropriate headings and sub-headings to highlight important points. Wherever you feel you can use bullets instead of long sentences, use bullets.
  • Use action words. You actually need to tell people what to do once they are on your landing page. If you want them to buy from you, tell them to “buy”. If you want them to contact you, tell them to “contact now”. Never forget to use the action words.
  • Don’t use text unnecessarily. Write as much as is needed. Don’t repeat something you have already said, and don’t let your visitors go into circle. Let it be known to them that your respect their intelligence, that means, don’t make tall claims.

Got some more ideas how to increase the conversion rate of your landing page? Please share it in the comments section.