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How to increase your RSS subscribers

image Blogging has certainly revolutionized the use of RSS feeds and you must know how to increase your RSS subscribers in order to make your blog more popular.  Even your advertisers want to know how many RSS subscribers you have before they decide to publish their advertisements on your blog.

When your blog has many RSS subscribers it shows that your blog contains valuable content and people really like to hear from you.  When they subscribe to your RSS feeds they are giving you permission to send updates whenever you post something new on your blog.  This way they don’t have to check on your blog to see whether you have posted something new or not.

With hundreds of thousands of blogs competing for RSS subscribers how can you increase the RSS subscribers of your blog. Here are a few things that you can do to increase your RSS subscribers:

Create great content

This is very obvious. Unless you have great content on your blog nobody is going to subscribe to your RSS feeds.  You must give a reason for people to subscribe and the reason should be irresistible.  Published highly variable content routinely.  Make your content so compelling and relevant that they don’t want to miss even a single blog post.  And when they don’t want to miss even a single blog post they subscribe to your RSS feeds.

Keep your blog focused

People don’t subscribe to feeds if your blog doesn’t have a focus.  Take for instance this blog; you may think that it contains blog posts on various topics but the central theme is “How to”, that is, every blog post teaches you something and provides you solutions.  You may not read all the blog posts but it is worth subscribing to even if you get a couple of blog posts that you can really use.

Help your visitors subscribe

Publish your RSS subscription button or link prominently so that they don’t miss it. If they cannot find a link or a button they probably won’t try hard to find your RSS feeds link.  Ideally your content should be so compelling that they should make an effort to subscribe to your feeds but then we don’t live in an ideal world.  Prompt your visitors to subscribe and many will.

Display your subscriber count after a while

Don’t be in a hurry to display your subscriber count if you have less than, say, 100 subscribers.  Although this is nothing compared to thousands of subscribers that many successful bloggers have, but if your blog is not very old even smaller numbers can be impressive.

Practice these steps and they can definitely help you increase your RSS subscribers.