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How to increase your traffic with web page titles

The most important factor that can increase your traffic is your web page title. Why our web page titles so important? Why do they attract both humans as well as search engine crawlers? Your web page title is your strongest pitch. It’s only your title that attracts people and search engines to your web page in particular, and your website in general.

Your web page titles and social media

Have you observed how eagerly you click links appearing in your Twitter and Facebook streams just by reading the title? It’s the title that captures your attention. If the title is dull and drab — no matter how exciting and relevant the content is — there is a great chance you are neither going to click it nor going to forward it to your own friends and followers. What is the great, the most compelling reason for reading your web page? Sum it up in your title. Make it irresistible. But don’t lie or mislead!

Your web page titles and search engines

The search engine algorithms pay close attention to the words you choose in your web page titles. So you don’t just sound compelling and irresistible, you also use your main keywords in your title. Your web pages titles are big part of your SEO strategy.

There is another reason you should create your web page titles carefully when it comes to search engines. It’s your title that appears as the hyperlink on the search engine result pages and the studies have proved more people click on hyperlinks that carry the words the searchers have used to find your link.

Creating compelling web page titles

First of all, write down the keyword or keyphrase you are going to right about. Have multiple keywords and keyphrases? Then you need multiple web pages — don’t try to cramp everything up into a single web page.

So once you have written down the keyword or keyphrase, think, what’s the most compelling reason someone would read your web page content? Using the keyword, sum that reason up and create your title.

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