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How to increase your workplace productivity

Since your business depends a lot on the level of productivity at your workplace you need to pay close attention to it. You constantly need to think about how you can improve the overall performance levels of your workplace.

It doesn’t just take hard people to perform well; you also need a conducive work environment, both in terms of physical and psychological. Is there enough space around various work stations? Do you have a roomy office? Can the air flow freely? What about the color of the walls? Studies have shown that white walls are actually depressing and tiring, so go for a color that is sooting but enervating. The same goes for light. Too much light and too little light cause stain. Natural light can be the best form of light you can get but too much of it can have an adverse effect. There needs to be a balance.

Even temperature can have a lasting impact on your workplace productivity. You’ll need to carefully monitor what sort of temperature improves your workplace performance and then maintain it that way.

Keep the clutter to the minimum. Lots of things scattered around can be a big distraction. It also makes it difficult to find important things when they are needed. This link tells you more about creating a high-performance environment.