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How to install a theme in Ubuntu

Adding and installing a theme is a great way of enhancing the look of your operating system, whether you are using Windows or Ubuntu. To some people it doesn’t matter how their desktop or operating environment looks but some people can really improve their productivity by installing a theme that keeps them in a cheerful mood

If you have started using Ubuntu you must be pretty excited about it and trying to make the whole experience as happy as possible. Although the default Ubuntu themes look quite remarkable, you can explore some great-looking Ubuntu themes here.

Installing a theme in Ubuntu is as easy as dragging and dropping. Just download a theme and save it on your desktop. Then from the top menu click System, go to Preferences and then click Appearance, and you get this screen (click image to enlarge):


Once you see this window, simply drag and drop the theme into it and it will get installed automatically. It asks if you want to activate it, and if it doesn’t, you can click it to activate it.