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How to keep Microsoft Outlook running in the background

Microsoft Outlook, although a bulky software, has many features that you can use to improve your efficiency. For instance its task management and calendar management features are much better than the tools available online. I know, I know I’m sounding politically incorrect by recommending a desktop application instead of an online one and I myself prefer online applications. But for people who prefer using desktop applications and who can afford to install Microsoft Outlook on their computers it is better to use it instead of using some online application.

Why would you want Microsoft Outlook running in the background?

First of all, whenever new e-mails arrive you want to be notified, especially if replying to them early is critical to your business. Second, you can set reminders in case you want to perform certain tasks at certain intervals. The calendar feature can remind you if your appointment or some scheduled task is due. But the notifications work only when Microsoft Outlook is running; if you close the application there is no use setting the reminders. To make full use of notifications and reminders you need Microsoft Outlook running in the background. How do you achieve that?

It’s very simple. The next time you launch Microsoft Outlook notice the Microsoft Outlook icon over there. Right-click on it and on the menu you seen “Hide when minimized”. Check it if it is not already checked. That’s it; now instead of closing the application minimize it and it will start running in the background and you will be able to receive all the notifications. Next time when you need to use Microsoft Outlook double-click the icon in the system tray.