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How to keep your blog going

After a certain period — a few weeks, a few months — every blog goes through a period of uncertainty and lack of creativity. No matter how energized and enthusiastic you felt when you started your blog after 70 or 80 postings you tend to lose your steam or you feel like you have nothing more to post. Consequently you don’t post for many days. All the gains that you have made during this short period go waste, because although people can find your existing posts through search engines and incoming links, the traffic begins to fade as no new content is posted on your blog. In order to keep your blog going you have to post regularly no matter what. How do you do that?

First of all you have to realize that you’re not the only person going through this phase: every blogger, no matter how successful he or she is, goes through this phase of uncertainty and directionless. It takes many months, even a year, to eventually find a pace and set a rhythm, both in terms of traffic and content. Although merely posting your content on your blog doesn’t generate much traffic it is always better than posting no content. The more you post the greater is the frequency with which the search engine crawlers crawl your blog. Provided that your blog posts are topical and relevant you always stand a chance of getting higher rankings on your topic or subject. If blog marketing seems daunting, don’t get overly worried about that. Even if twice a week you promote your blog by leaving comments on other blogs or by writing guest posts, it is more than enough. Read at Problogger how to keep your blog going.

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